The pilot farm

Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Gruissan in the Aude region, the EolMed project consists in the installation of four wind turbines of individual capacities of 6.2 MW, installed on floating concrete foundations more than 15 km from the shore and anchored at an average depth of 55 meters.

This farm, with a total capacity of 24.8 MW, will be capable of producing nearly 100 million kWh/year, the annual electricity consumption of 50,000 inhabitants.


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The advantages of a pilot farm

The pilot farm will provide unique experience, both for the development of a high potential industry and for the confirmation of the floating foundation technology developed by the French specialist, Idéol.

As a pilot farm, it benefits from :

  • The advantages of floating wind power,
  • The experience of Senvion wind turbines, tested and proven for years.
  • The innovative technology of the Idéol floater in the form of a square ring of concrete, the Floatgen demonstrator of which was tested off the coast of Croisic.
  • A demonstration period of 20 years providing the opportunity to improve the energy performances of floating wind turbines and their interaction with the environment.
  • It is adapted to the specifics of the Gruissan site: proximity to the base port in Port-la-Nouvelle, sea floor relief allowing for a distance of more than 15 km from the shore with an average depth of 55 meters, and a strong wind potential.

Choice of site

In the Golf of Lion in the Mediterranean Sea

Off the coast of Gruissan (Aude department, Occitanie region)

Base port: Port of Port-La-Nouvelle (Aude)

The site was defined:

By the State
  • A choice issued from a dialogue led by the State in 2014 and 2015.
  • Four favorable zones were identified for the development of floating wind power farms, one in the Atlantic and three in the Mediterranean, including one off the coast of Gruissan.
  • The consortium piloted by Quadran was chosen in July 2016 to create the EolMed project, four floating wind turbines, in this zone.
By Quadran

At the heart of the zone identified by the State, Quadran outlined the site for the EolMed project by carrying out an analysis of environmental, physical, and socio-economic constraints as well as a study of the wind potential.

  • Environmental constraints were taken into account so as to avoid and reduce impact from the earliest stages of the project. In particular, the potential impacts on undersea geology are considered negligible.
  • Technical criteria were studied so as to facilitate the installation of future wind turbines: a distance from the coast of more than 15 km, optimal wind potential, sea floor with a gentle and uninterrupted slope, lack of erosion zone, and sufficient sedimentary cover.
  • Fishing activity was taken into account and will be analyzed even more closely so as to reduce to a minimum the socio-economic constraints.

Visual intrusion

Distancing the four wind turbines, located more than 15 km from the closest coast, means very low visual impact.

View of the wind turbines from the Plage des Chalets beach in Gruissan (17.5 km from the project)

Two installation scenarios were studied and brought to the dialogue:

Geometric cluster:

The structure of the farm is tighter while a readable and harmonious rhythm is maintained. It seems to respond the easiest to issues of coactivity, allowing for the space to be shared.


The farm insures strong readability from all points of view and offers optimized electricity production.

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