• Project development and financing
  • Project management assistance
  • Connection to the grid
  • Operation
  • Dismantlement

  • Design and construction of the floating concrete foundation
  • Offshore installation
  • Anchors
  • Inter-turbine cables
  • Supply of 4 turbines
  • Turbine/floater integration
  • Turbine commissioning
  • Turbine maintenance

A consortium of 4 partners who are

leaders in their fields


Quadran, regional renewable energy and anchoring expertise

EolMed is piloted by Quadran, the consortium’s project owner and is an independent, 100% renewable energy specialist. An expert in wind power and solar alternatives, biogas and hydroelectricity, Quadran is a French champion in its sector with 633 M in assets, 100 M in turnover in 2016, and 450 MW in production.

Other winning points: historically located in the Occitanie region, with more than 100 employees in the region and a dedicated multidisciplinary team in Port-la-Nouvelle, the port zone of project’s launch.

The opinion of Jérôme Billerey, Managing director of the Quadran Group:

“From the very beginning, Quadran positioned itself to generate the maximum added value possible for the region. The project was built by listening to local actors and users of the sea, with the desire for public/private partnerships and crowdfunding open to the citizens of the Occitanie region. By being at the service of the region and its sustainable development, EolMed opens a path to the energy transition and the emergence of an industrial field that is ready to conquer the international market.”

Senvion, turbine expertise

10 years of experience in large offshore wind projects, with proven design, technology, and execution capacity for projects that are very difficult in terms of security, deadline, quality, and profitability make Senvion a technical partner par excellence. Its areas of operations include: the supply of very high performance turbines, supervision of their integration on floaters and their maintenance, with, to date, 140 offshore turbines with a total installed capacity of 810 MW.

The opinion of Olivier Perrot, Managing Director of Senvion France:

“We are thrilled to be supplying, for the 1st floating wind farm in France, Senvion’s capacity for innovation, its unique experience in large capacity offshore wind power, and its position as a major French wind power actor for the last 15 years, with 1,000 wind turbines in service and 14 important locations throughout France.”

Idéol & Bouygues TP, Concrete and construction expertise

Expert in floating concrete foundations (installation, anchoring, cabling, and maintenance), Idéol is also the inventor of the Damping Pool® , an internationally recognized technology with 6 in-basin trails, 1 demonstrator in France since the beginning of 2017, and 2 in Japan by the end of 2017. The innovation brought to the project is decisive: increased floatation and facilitated co-activity thanks to a foundation system incorporating an interior pool softening the movements caused by swells. Associated with Idéol in the development of the French Floatgen/Damping Pool® demonstrator, Bouygues TP is the 4th partner essential to the success of the consortium. A key actor in public works, nominated for its large-scale projects in design/construction internationally, its maritime project know-how, and its experience in the offshore petroleum industry, and, the final key asset, its financial position for the “bankability” of the EolMed project.

The opinion of Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of Idéol:

“The first floating French wind turbine and, today, the first pilot farm in the Mediterranean… The Idéol technology shows once again its performance, its capacity to create local jobs, and its strength at reducing costs. By choosing our consortium, the State also chose a French solution that has already won interest internationally and has thus shown its desire to take a leading position in the offshore floating wind power market.”

The opinion of Benoit Lange, Commercial Director of Bouygues Travaux Publics:

“Moving to the creation of a pilot farm is the next step in the continuity of the technological development undertaken by Idéol with the Floatgen prototype. EolMed will therefore benefit from its experience with the 1st floating wind turbine in France. And, in showing the marketability of these technologies in action, EolMed will become the number 1 window onto the consortium’s actors in export markets.”

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